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Cleaning up

Now that we have thawed out it’s time to clean up. Some of our horses were allowed into the indoor arena to have shelter from the snow and cold. They made a mess of things. I think they had a ball running around and tearing things up! Lyera came and helped us clean up the mess….7 wheelbarrow loads full of it. Whew!

thawing out

Who’s ready for the warmer temperatures? I sure am. We have finally made it though this cold spell and maybe even through the last bit of a cold and snowy winter. Some pipes are still frozen but I expect today they will thaw out, and we will rejoice in not hauling water 3 times a day! A few days ago, our area of the country, just barely missed the all time record low by 3 degrees. the sun and warmer temps have never felt so good. Keep warm you-all!