Sugar in the frost

The winter water issue….

Everyone loves the winter.  The  fresh smelling air, cold breezes and snow, yes snow is what makes winter, winter.  I hate to be a party pooper but I don’t love winter.  Winter is beautiful, I’ll give you that, but the cold and snow make it so much harder to get things done here at the stables.  Take water for example,  some of our stock tanks have water heaters in them.  An extension cord is run from a nearby outlet to power the heaters which keep the water from freezing in the tanks, albeit at a cost of  up to $4 a day, but they do work.  The picture below is of a tank with a heater in it.  In some of the other stock tanks, it is not feasible to run a extension cord out to, we have to break the ice as it forms on the top of the water so the horses can drink water; sometimes as many as 5 times a day!  This is one of the hardest things keep on top of.  Who wants to go outside that many times a day when it is 13 degrees out with winds?  I think I like winter from  inside of my house!  🙂 

Waiting for warmer days….